What Freelancers Say About 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing

“I’ve been freelancing full-time for six years and make a good income. But Lori De Milto’s High Income Freelancing inspires me to refocus and do even better. This wonderful little book is packed with insider tips–some of which I know from experience and a few that are brand-new. Pure freelance gold!”

Genevieve J. Long, PhD
Freelance medical writer specializing in patient and consumer education

“Lori’s marketing guidance provided a clear path for me to find and attract my ideal clients and bypasses the usual generalities. This is a must-read for freelancers looking to attract reliable, high-paying clients.”

Lisa Baker, PhD, CMPP
Freelance Medical Writer

“The ultimate guide to freelance success! This book teaches you how to create the conditions for freelance success in seven clear, compact steps.”

Christina Bruno
Freelance writer

“Lori’s no-frills thesis on marketing from the University of Hard Knocks is full of practical advice that you can put to use immediately. I should know because I got my first freelance client well before I could implement all the advice in this reader-friendly book.”

Oki K. Dzivenu, DPhil, ELS
Freelance medical writer
Exquisite Medical Scribe, LLC

7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing: Get the Clients You Deserve gave me the knowledge and confidence to effectively grow my freelancing business. Lori shares years of experience in this easy-to-read, essential handbook that is a must-read for both novice and experienced freelance writers.”

Christina Sanguinetti
Freelance Medical Writer

“With an easy-to-read format and simple step-by-step approach, ‘7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing’ gives excellent food for thought for any aspiring freelance writer, but information from the book can also help those who have been working in the industry for years. This book is a great guide to launch and expand your freelancing business and should be considered a ‘must read’ for freelancers from all walks of life!”

Keith D’Oria

“If you’re looking for a silver bullet, this isn’t one. Instead, you’ll find concise and actionable steps, minus the fluff. I’ve read many books and guides telling me to ‘choose my niche’ or ‘find clients on LinkedIn’ but very few have actually given me a step-by-step breakdown of how to do that. ‘7 Steps To High-Income Freelancing’ is one such book!”

Nifty Jacob

“Until I read 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing: Get the Clients You Deserve, I didn’t have a clear plan for how to grow my freelance business. Now, not only do I have the tools, but I know it can be done.”

Malaika I. Hill
Principal Medical Writer
MD Writing & Editing Solutions, LLC

“The Mighty Marketer delivers—again! Most marketing books are so broad and far-reaching they leave freelancers hopelessly discouraged. When are we supposed to get our actual work done if we have to spend so much time and energy marketing and updating all those social media accounts? Fortunately Lori De Milto is true to her promise. She cuts through all that clutter with her targeted, realistic approach. Concentrating on her seven steps makes a freelancer’s life not only easier, but also profitable. You’ve also got to love an entrepreneur who’s not afraid to share her own mistakes. I’ve rewritten my marketing plan based on this book.

Michele Hanley, BS, MPA
Michele Hanley Copywriting

“These 7 steps, based on Lori’s real-life business success, provide a straightforward, practical guide to marketing for freelancers. She breaks the information down into meaningful topics, so the overall marketing process is less daunting. This is a valuable resource every freelancer should own.”

Kathleen Labonge, MBA
Freelance Medical Copyeditor
Write Point Editing Solutions

“7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing is an essential read for freelancers. It is filled to the brim with specific marketing strategies that can be used for freelancers at all stages of their careers. Lori makes it easy to follow her tips by providing step-by-step checklists, spreadsheets, and templates – the bonus materials are fantastic! In my opinion, every single freelancer, from brand new to seasoned and successful, would benefit from reading this book.”

Gail Flores, PhD
President and Principal Writer
Encore Biomedical Communications
Experts in Oncology

“Freelance writers often struggle to find great clients. This book’s concise, practical advice streamlines the process. I learned many of its tips the hard way; with this guide, you won’t have to.”

Amy Karon, DVM, MPH, MA
Freelance medical journalist

“Marketing is essential for any business and it is hard to keep up with all the activities you need to manage as a freelancer. With this book, Lori De Milto created a wonderful guide for new and experienced freelancers. A step-by-step process and advice on how to get better clients and explain your value. I highly recommend this book!”

Rosa Fierro
Bilingual Art Director
Metamorpha Creative

“Every freelancer should have Lori De Milto’s new book, 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing. With her easy-to-follow marketing plan, new and experienced freelancers alike can boost their confidence and their income.”

Elizabeth Hanson
Freelance Science and Medical Writer

“7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing is filled with actionable, step-by-step marketing advice for freelancers. The book is easy to navigate, and has helpful bonus content (including the direct email swipe file, which I find extremely helpful.) With this one little book, my whole marketing plan is done! Every freelancer should have a copy of Lori’s new book!”

“Annie” Kai Cheang, PharmD, MS
Principal medical writer
Scientific Value

“The insights in 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing are invaluable! After following Lori’s guidance on building a compelling website, I’ve received compliments from many clients. This is an essential book to have for any freelancer.”

Mia DeFino, MS
Freelance Medical and Science Writer

“Lori De Milto’s 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing: Get the Clients You Deserve is a handy guide for new freelancers and those who are having a hard time growing their business. Lori is generous in sharing her personal experiences and tricks of the trade in an easy to follow format.”

Monica Nicosia, PhD
Freelance medical writer
Nicosia Medical Writer LLC

“I was excited to read Lori’s practical book, 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing, and find smart advice on how to approach my freelance marketing strategy, even after 27 years of freelancing. I particularly appreciate her detailed suggestions in Chapter 2 on how to “mine” LinkedIn features to find contacts, now that Microsoft has taken over.”

Elizabeth Frick, PhD, ELS
Technical and medical editor
Author of Business Matters: A Freelancer’s Guide to Business Success in Any Economy

“7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing is a revelation. Using a carefully thought out, step-by-step approach, Lori De Milto artfully presents a blueprint for developing, building, and maintaining a high-income freelance business. Every chapter is targeted, precise, and succinct. She cuts no corners and she pulls no punches. If you are serious about building your freelance business, then you need this book.”

CC Pounds
Freelance writer