Do you struggle to get high-paying freelance work and clients and build a stable, successful business?

This isn’t your fault.

If you’re like most freelancers, you never had a chance to learn about marketing. You may not know what to do, or how to do it. Or maybe what you’ve tried hasn’t worked.

So you end up take whatever work comes along.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve gives you a proven process for getting the steady, high-paying clients you deserve. The 7-week online course has helped hundreds of freelancers grow their freelance businesses.


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What You’ll Learn

  • How to find or refine your specialty
  • What your clients really need and why this matters
  • How to find steady, high-paying clients
  • How to attract those clients
  • What client-focused marketing is and how to do it
  • How to get more referrals
  • The easy way to get even more steady, high-paying clients

How the Course Helps Freelancers

Kathleen finds focus and attracts steady, high-paying clients.

Trying to figure out how to build a freelance business on her own wasn’t working for Kathleen Labonge, MBA. The freelance medical copyeditor didn’t know what to do and she lacked confidence. 

During Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve, Kathleen learned how to focus her freelance business and developed marketing tools to attract steady, high-paying clients. Through personalized coaching, she built her confidence.

“The knowledge and confidence I gained from the course and Lori’s mentoring enabled me to build a successful freelance business, and I haven’t looked back since!”

Read more about how Kathleen is getting the clients she deserves.

Margaret grows a new freelance business during the pandemic.

When Margaret Johnson, PhD, moved from academia to freelance medical writing, she had strong experience. But she wasn’t fully booked and she wasn’t making a living as a freelancer.

Within a few months of finishing Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve—during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic—Margaret got four new clients and started growing her freelance business.

“The course was fantastic—it not only met but exceeded everything I’d heard. Lori is a true expert and shares her knowledge generously.”

Read more about how Margaret is getting the clients she deserves.

Erik finds better clients in growing markets.

After freelancing for a few years, freelance writer Erik MacLaren, PhD, wanted to find more interesting work that paid him well. During Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve, Erik refined his specialty to focus on types of clients and freelance work that offer lots of opportunities. He also learned how to find and attract those clients.

“I feel much more confident that I will be able to locate clients that need my services and engage them,” he says.

Read more about how Erik is getting the clients he deserves.

Eva builds confidence and gets better clients

After 21 years of freelancing, Eva Stabenow, CT (EN-DE), was doing well. But the translator and conference interpreter wanted to work a little less and with better clients. Eva didn’t know where to start and she was undervaluing her services. 

Personalized coaching in Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve increased Eva’s confidence and helped her develop marketing to attract the clients she most wanted to work with. Eva began pursuing freelance jobs that she would have been too intimidated to go after before—and getting them. 

“This course and Lori’s mentoring gave me more confidence than I ever thought possible and helped me access and seize an amazing number of opportunities after a mere two months.” 

Read more about how Eva is getting the clients he deserves.

Cheryl doubles her income and works with better clients.

Cheryl McCutchan, PhD, moved from science writing to medical writing. But she didn’t know how to find enough freelance work. Through Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve, she was able to fill her “dance card.”  

“I was able to set a base rate of pay that is more than double what I was making a year ago,” says Cheryl. “I now know that there is no need to accept work from clients that can’t pay me at least that rate.” 

Kalpana changes careers and successfully launches her freelance business.

After working in the pharmaceutical industry for six years, Kalpana Shankar, PhD, wanted to translate her experience into freelance medical writing. She had the skills and experience to succeed. But she didn’t know how to get started.

Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve helped Kalpana learn how to focus her freelance business and develop client-focused marketing tools. She successfully launched her freelance business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Before starting this course, I lacked focus and confidence. Now I am confident that I can effectively market my writing services.” 

Read more about how Kalpana is getting the clients she deserves.


What the Course Covers

Modules, lessons, assignments, and handouts are the same for the personalized coaching and self-study versions of the online course.

Module 1. Choosing Your Money-Making Specialty(ies)

Specializing is the fastest, easiest way to get great clients. Already specialize? Find out if you’ve chosen a money-making specialty(ies)—and how to switch your focus if you haven’t. Even if you already have a strong specialty, you’ll learn how to focus it more to get great clients.

  • Find and assess freelance opportunities in different specialties
  • Choose or refine your money-making specialty(ies)
  • Prepare to get great clients in your specialty(ies)

BONUS: Stand out in a Sea of Freelancers: Branding module

Module 2. Finding the Right Prospects

Get high-paying clients who treat you right by choosing who you want to work with and developing a prospect list.

  • Choose your ideal clients
  • Find the right people to target within each organization
  • Get the hard-to-find contact information you need to reach the right people

Module 3. Reaching and Attracting Prospects with Direct Email

Get the attention of your prospects and persuade them to hire you with direct email that shows you’re an expert who understands their needs.

  • Show your expertise and understanding of client needs
  • Write direct email copy that prospects will read
  • Start to build relationships with prospects and get clients

Module 4. Attracting Clients with LinkedIn

Attract clients once you’ve got their attention with direct email and stand out from the crowd when clients search LinkedIn for a freelancer.


  • Write a client-focused LinkedIn profile
  • Attract attention and get found with a client-focused headline and summary
  • Include the key content

Module 5. Attracting Clients with Your Website

Attract the high-paying clients you deserve with your client-focused freelance website.


  • Do less marketing because your website will pre-sell and pre-qualify clients
  • Develop a client-focused website with compelling content and a remarkable home page
  • Use an engaging design that’s visually engaging and clear

Module 6. Meeting People Who Can Help and Hire You

Get more referrals — the easiest way to grow your freelance business — from colleagues, meet clients, and learn about freelance opportunities by building a strategic network.

  • Get more referrals by building a strategic network
  • Discover the attitude that makes networking less stressful and more effective
  • Learn how to network in person and online

Module 7. Being in the Right Place when Clients Need a Freelancer

Up to 90% of the time, prospects aren’t ready to hire a freelancer when you first contact them. Make sure that prospects, colleagues, and clients think of you first for freelance work by staying in touch with them regularly.

  • Get top-of-mind-awareness so prospects and clients think of you first when they need a freelancer and colleagues think of you first when they have work to refer
  • Develop a targeted follow-up list of your best prospects, clients, and colleagues
  • Plan your effective, efficient targeted follow-up strategy

I Get It… Because I’m a Freelancer Too

My name is Lori De Milto. When I started my freelance business, I didn’t know anything about marketing—just that I had to do it.

So I made a lot of mistakes.

But because I did a lot of marketing, I became a 6-figure freelancer within 18 months. And I was doing work I loved for clients who treated me right.

Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve is based on what I did and what I’ve learned since then about growing a stable, successful freelance business.

I created the course so you don’t have to try to grow your freelance business the hard way—on your own. And so you won’t waste your time, effort, or money.

I’ve been a freelance medical writer since 1997. Along with my course, I teach a university course in freelancing and present and write about marketing for the American Medical Writers Association and the Society for Technical Communications. I’ve published 4 books on marketing for freelancers and host the Freelance Marketing Blog.

What You Get When You Enroll

  • 7 modules with high-quality video lessons focused on what works best for freelancers
  • Downloadable videos and transcripts of each lesson
  • Examples, templates, and tips, to help you understand what you learned
  • Assignments to help you do what you learned
  • Unlimited access to the course

Study on Your Own or Get Personalized Coaching

Choose from 2 versions of the  course. Which version is right for you depends on whether you’re a new freelancer and how you like to learn.


If you’ve been freelancing a while and are doing okay but want to grow your business, self-study or coaching will work for you. In the self-study version, you learn what you need to know and do the assignments on your own.

Personalized Coaching

If you’re a new freelancer, coaching will really help you. Along with getting personalized guidance on your business, coaching will help you build your confidence—one of the keys to freelance success.

Along with the modules, lessons, assignments, and handouts, you get:

  • Personal guidance on getting the clients you deserve, based on YOUR  business, goals, challenges, etc.
  • Marketing Review #1: A written review near the start of the course of your  business, LinkedIn profile, website, etc. with marketing suggestions
  • Written review of 4 key assignments
  • 2 conference calls (up to 45-minutes each) to discuss your progress, answer your questions, and offer guidance
  • Marketing Review #2: A written review of your progress during the course with suggestions for next steps so you continue to make progress
  • Answers to questions about marketing your business via email.

How Else the Course Helps Freelancers

Making Marketing Easer

“Marketing will be a lot easier and less intimidating for me now that I know how to find clients who will pay me well to do the work I want to do.” 

Mia De Fino, Freelance writer 

Read more about how Mia is getting the clients she deserves.

“This course breaks down the intimidating concept of marketing into easy-to-follow lessons.” 

Melanie Lawler, PhD, Freelance writer 


Motivating Freelancers to Focus on Marketing

“Taking the course forced me to focus on marketing and helped me to clarify more effective ways to reach my ideal clients.”

Joy Drohan, Freelance writer and editor 

Read more about how Joy is getting the clients she deserves.

“The course helped me do things I have long intended to do. I needed both a pep talk and guidance in getting organized and proceeding systematically.”

Elizabeth Hanson, Freelance science and medical writer 

Read more about how Elizabeth is getting the clients she deserves.

“Lori’s course was the kick in the pants I needed to think seriously about my business and where I want to take it. She provided the step-by-step marketing guide to make that happen.”

Kristina Wasson-Blader, PhD, ELS, Freelance medical writer and editor 

Helping Freelancers Succeed with Personalized Coaching

“Unlike other businesses coaches who make outlandish promises to lure unsuspecting students, Lori never shied away from emphasizing that, if you put in the work, you’ll get the results you want and deserve. To my utmost surprise, I got my first client even before I completed the course!”

Oki Dzivenu, DPhil, ELS, Freelance writer

Read more about how Oki s getting the clients she deserves.

“Working with Lori as my personal coach was the single best decision I’ve made since starting my own business. She generously shared her time, expertise, tips, and resources.”

Kathleen Labonge, MBA, freelance editor

Read more about how Kathleen is getting the clients she deserves.

“Lori’s course drives home the fact that you can be a freelancer, too, provided you’re willing to put in the effort. Lori’s ‘been there, done that’ approach can be seen in her personalized coaching. She wants you to succeed.” 

Kalpana Shankar, PhD, freelance writer

Read more about how Kalpana is getting the clients she deserves.

You CAN grow your freelance business. Let me help you.

Since 2016, I’ve helped hundreds of freelancers get the steady, high-paying clients they deserve and grow their freelance businesses. My proven process can help you do this too.

Will the Course Work for Me?

Yes, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. The course will help you position your business to get the clients you deserve and move toward doing this. But if you’re looking for an easy, effortless way to get great clients instantly, then the course isn’t for you.

When Can I Take the Course?

The course is only available 3 or 4 times a year. The next session starts September 26, 2022.

If you want to be the first to know when the course opens again:

Invest in Your Success

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Personalized Coaching Course: $797


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