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How You Can Thrive Despite More Competition and Economic Uncertainty

Are you ready for more freelance competition?Are you ready for more competition?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people began freelancing. At the same time, the economic uncertainty that began during COVID-19 continues. Geopolitical instability has made this worse.

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The Easy Way to Become a Better Marketer

Be a beter marketer

Can you learn how to be a better marketer?

If you can say “yes” to 2 questions, then you can become a better marketer and build a stable, successful freelance business. Get a free guide to freelance success to show you what…

How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

visibilityIf you increase your visibility on LinkedIn, then when clients are looking for freelancers, you’ll rank high in search results. You increase your visibility by being active, which is #4 in LinkedIn’s search algorithm criteria.

Being active, also called engagement, is sharing content and engaging with other people on your content…

10 Ways to Get 500+ Connections on LinkedIn Fast

500+ connectionsGetting 500+ LinkedIn connections is easier than you might think. That’s great—because you need those connections to rank high in search results when clients are looking for a freelancer on LinkedIn.

And having connections in common with the person who is doing the search is the #2 criterion LinkedIn…

How to Thrive Like Mia DeFino—In Good Times and in Bad

Freelancer Mia DeFinoMia DeFino, MS, ELS, has had as much freelance work as she wants—and sometimes more—even during the COVID-19 pandemic. But Mia knows that bad things happen to good freelancers even when the economy is strong, and that she could lose clients at any time. The

How to Turn Struggle into Success with the Fearless Freelancer Mindset

fearless freelancer mindset

Do you think that successful freelancers are just luckier or smarter than you are? If you do, then you’re wrong. The biggest difference between successful freelancers and freelancers who struggle is that successful freelancers know that what we think is as important as what we do. We have the…

How to Make an Awesome First Impression

awesome first impressionSeven seconds is the most you have to make an awesome first impression. Often, a potential client or colleague decides whether a freelancer is trustworthy and competent in the time it takes them to blink their eyes.

Before, first impressions referred to meeting people in person. But…

1 Easy Way to Land More Freelance Work: Follow Up

Follow up is easy for freelancers.

Would you spend a few hours a month doing one easy thing to get more freelance work? You should be saying Absolutely! Please tell me what it is. So I will: Just follow up with interested clients.

Clients often say they…

What Freelancers Ought to Know About Networking on LinkedIn in 2021

Networking on LinkedInEver since the pandemic began, LinkedIn has become a more important part of business networking. In 2020, conversations increased by 55% and posted content increased by 60%, according to Hootsuite. Networking on LinkedIn is more important than ever in succeeding as a freelancer.

Why is networking…

6 Tips that Will Help You Succeed in Virtual Networking

virtual networking

Virtual networking has been the only way for freelancers to network since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world in spring 2020.  Although virtual networking still feels strange and awkward to many of us, we need to learn how to do it.

Because by the time things get back…