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The Proven Way Margaret Johnson is Growing her Freelance Business

How Margaret Johnson is thriving

When Margaret Johnson, PhD, started freelancing in 2019, she had strong experience in medical writing. The former professor and researcher in biochemistry and structural biology got two clients. But they didn’t pay her well. Margaret needed more clients and better clients to…

How to Make 2021 a Success Despite the Recession

cIn 2020, most freelancers lost a little, some, or a lot of freelance work due to the COVID-19 pandemic—and the recession that followed it. At the same time, we all had to adjust to big changes in our personal lives and deal with the uncertainty of…

How Gratitude Can Make You Healthier and More Successful

gratitude makes you healthierAs we enter the 2021 holiday season, the pandemic and ongoing economic uncertainty are still with us. Most of us (maybe all) are overwhelmed by the ongoing pandemic and all of the changes to our lives since the spring of 2019. Gratitude, being grateful or…

How Ginny Vachon Created Freelance Work for Herself During the Pandemic

fearless freelancer Ginny Vachon

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the recession that followed, Ginny Vachon, PhD, has had enough freelance work. But the freelance medical writer’s work has changed a lot and with nearly every part of life in flux these days, it can be stressful to adapt….

The Easy Way to Get Bigger, Better Clients

the right specialty helps freelancersIf you have a bad leak and water is pouring onto your floor, you’re going to call a plumber, not a handyman. The plumber is an expert in solving your problem, because plumbing is his/her specialty. The handyman isn’t.

When clients hire a…

How to Make Marketing as Easy as Tying Your Shoes

make marketing easy

It’s easy to use freelance jobs sites or content mills like fiverr, Upwork, or But steady, high-paying clients  aren’t using these freelance jobs sites and content mills. And they’re not going to magically find you.

Instead, you have to go out and find them. And…

Stand Out in a Sea of Freelancers: Your Brand

freelance brand

What do freelancers have in common with oranges, coal, and cattle? They’re all commodities—services (freelancers) and goods (oranges, coal, and cattle) that are largely interchangeable.

To many clients, one freelance writer or editor (or another type of freelancer) seems just as good as another—unless you have a freelance brand…

What Happened When Kalpana Shankar Launched her Freelance Business During the Pandemic

Kalpana ShankarKalpana Shankar, PhD, never expected to be launching her freelance medical writing business during a pandemic. But that’s what happened after COVID-19 swept across the world in spring 2020.

By taking the right actions and believing in herself, Kalpana was able to successfully launch her freelance business despite…

How to Thrive Like Lisa Baker——Instead of Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Lisa Baker

How did Lisa Baker recover from losing a lot of work during the pandemic?

Being flexible and proactive enabled Lisa Baker to bring in new business. She expanded her services and the type of clients she works with and is busier than ever.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes 

How to Be a Fearless Freelancer—in good Times and in Bad

fearless freelancer mindset

Even when times are good freelancing can be scary. Along with being a skilled writer or editor (or whatever your freelance field is), you need to run a business.  And most freelancers never had a chance to learn how to do that. Add economic uncertainty and…