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Why a Website Designer Can Help You Get High-Paying Clients


website designer

Want a sure-fire way to develop a website that will help you get steady, high-paying clients? Hire a professional website designer who has experience working with freelancers.

If your website design isn’t visually engaging, clear, and easy to navigate, then clients will move on to other freelancers—in less than…

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at 3 Awesome Websites

3 awesome freelance websites

If you’re like many freelancers, developing an awesome freelance website seems like an agonizing task. But it doesn’t have to be. You only need two things for a professional and awesome website:

  1. Content that’s compelling, clear, and focused on client needs
  2. Design that’s…

How to Win More Clients with Your Freelance Website and Do Less Marketing

freelance website

When you have a professional and client-focused website, you’ll get more steady, high-paying clients with less marketing—because your freelance website will do the work for you. Clients will already know a lot about you and your services before they contact you. So you won’t have to actively “sell…

The Innovative Way Margaret Johnson Attracts the Right Clients

Margaret's innovative brand

Margaret Johnson, PhD, wanted clients to see her as innovative and professional—and to stand out in a sea of freelancers. So the freelance medical writer and editor developed a freelance brand and client-focused marketing messages.

Clients see freelancers like Margaret who have a brand as being more…

3 Useful Changes for an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile changes

Have you noticed anything different on LinkedIn lately? The #1 business social network made a bunch of changes in 2020, including three useful changes that can help you make your LinkedIn profile awesome. The changes were part of LinkedIn’s new look, designed to be simpler, more…

The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile for Freelance Success This Year

LinkedIn profile

Over the past few years, a LinkedIn profile has become a powerful tool in helping freelancers get steady, high-paying clients. More and more clients are using LinkedIn to find freelancers, and to check us out before contacting us about freelance work. Also, colleagues are using LinkedIn to check out…

How to Get Steady, High-Paying Clients with Direct Email

direct emailSteady, high-paying clients make it easy for you to make more money with less work. And direct email helps you attract steady, high-paying clients so you can grow your freelance business.

Direct email frees you from low-paying, high-competition freelance jobs sites and content mills. Instead of taking whatever work…

How to Choose Your Clients Instead of Taking Whatever Work Comes Along

steady, high-paying clientsWorking with steady, high-paying clients is the easiest way to build your freelance business. But these clients aren’t going to magically find you. And they don’t use freelance jobs sites or content mills like fiverr, Upwork, or

Freelance pay on freelance jobs sites and content…

7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Getting the Clients You Deserve—Even in a Recession

Stop procrastinatingIt’s easy to put off or postpone doing things that you know are important to freelance success—like marketing. But procrastinating only makes it harder to get the clients you deserve.

Work Now, Get Rewarded Later

The rewards of marketing—news clients, more money, and a stable, successful freelance business—seem far…

The Proven Way Margaret Johnson is Growing her Freelance Business

How Margaret Johnson is thriving

When Margaret Johnson, PhD, started freelancing in 2019, she had strong experience in medical writing. The former professor and researcher in biochemistry and structural biology got two clients. But they didn’t pay her well. Margaret needed more clients and better clients to…