More About Lori

My freelance business hasn’t been all smooth sailing. But when bad things happened, I’ve always been able to get great new clients quickly. I just ramped up my marketing.

Early Background and Experience

After studying journalism at Temple University, I joined an advertising agency as a copywriter. A few years later I went back to Temple, doing marketing communications for the business school. While there, I earned a Master’s Degree in journalism.

Then I began freelancing part time for the first few years. I went full time in 1997.

Life Outside of Work

Outside of work I love to travel with my husband. In 2017, we explored the gorgeous fjords of Norway and sailed across the Arctic Circle where the midnight sun shines 24 hours. We’ve also done a transatlantic crossing from New York to Southampton, England (the course of the Titanic in reverse) and visited Timbuktu, Katmandu, Petra, and many other fascinating places.

We also enjoy relaxing at our house at the Jersey shore. And, of course, spending time with family.