How Freelancers Are Getting the Clients They Deserve: Case Studies

New and seasoned freelancers are targeting and reaching their ideal clients through Find the Freelance Clients You Deserve. Some freelancers are seeing results while they’re still taking the 6-week online course or within weeks of finishing it. Results include:

  • Getting new and better clients
  • Getting found by clients looking for freelancers on LinkedIn
  • Getting positive responses to direct emails.

Read the case studies:

Making Marketing Less Intimidating with a Narrower Specialty

Mia DeFino
Freelance writer since 2016 
Mia is a brand new freelancer who needed to grow her business and find clients who would pay her well. But she didn’t know how to do that.

Gaining Confidence and Focus

Kathleen Labonge, MBA
Write Point Editing Solutions
Freelance medical copyeditor since 2015Kathleen learned how to focus her freelance business and is now confident that she can great clients and build a stable, successful freelance business.

Creating a Roaring Success

Oki Dzivenu, DPhil, ELS
Exquisite Medical Scribe, LLC
Freelance medical writer since 2017Oki was skeptical that an online course could help him succeed as a freelancer but he signed up anyway, did the work, and is now making his business a roaring success.

Focusing on Client Needs Leads to Best Year Ever

Debbie (Deborah) Anderson, PhD
DGA Medical Communications
Freelance medical writer and instructional designer since 2012Debbie improved her online presence and other marketing to continue to grow her freelance business.

Finding Growing Freelance Markets

Erik MacLaren, PhD
Galen Medical Writing
Freelance medical writer since 2013Erik MacLaren, PhD wanted to find more interesting work that paid him well. But he didn’t know how to find the right freelance opportunities.

Identifying and Attracting Ideal Clients

Joy Drohan
Eco-Write, LLC
Freelance writer and editor since 1995With more than 20 years of freelance writing and editing experience, Joy Drohan was doing pretty well. But she wanted to eliminate slow periods, and to have more choice in her projects. Yet, finding time for marketing was difficult.

Finding Structure and Support to Get Better Clients: Self-Study Course

Elizabeth Hanson
Freelance science and medical writer since 2007Elizabeth had been fairly successful in her first 10 years as a freelancer. But she knew that she could be getting better, steadier clients.

Surging Confidence Leads to New Opportunities

Eva Stabenow, CT (EN-DE)
Wordplay Translations, LLC 
Freelance translator and conference interpreter since 1995After 21 years of freelancing, Eva Stabenow was doing well, but she wanted to work a little less and with better clients. She wanted to take control of the “next round” of her freelance career, but didn’t know where to start.

Want to get the clients you deserve?

Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve: The Secrets to Targeting and Reaching the Right Clients in 6 Weeks helps new, aspiring, and experienced freelancers who are ready to succeed target and reach ideal clients — without wasting time, effort, or money.  The course uses a proven, step-by-step process that focuses on what works best for freelancers.