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Checklists, Templates, Worksheets, and More for High-Income Freelancing

Get the clients you deserve faster and with less work with these tools.

7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing Checklist
Your roadmap to freelance success

LinkedIn Profile Checklist
Stand out from the crowd with a client-focused LinkedIn profile.

Referral Network Form Template
Get more referrals from other freelancers with a referral network

Marketing Content Checklist
Develop marketing content that captures and keeps the attention of your prospects.

SMART Goal Worksheet
Set and achieve SMART goals to make this year your best ever as a freelancer.

Innovations in Freelancing
Ruwaida Vakil, MS, Gets Great Clients through LinkedIn, Volunteering, and Public Speaking

Conversations with Mighty Marketers

Find out how successful freelancers market their businesses.

Survey Says: What Works Best in Marketing a Freelance Business

See out how other freelancers market their businesses.


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