Course and Books for High-Income Freelancing

YES, YOU CAN Get the Clients You Deserve!

Within 18 months, I was a 6 figure-freelancer doing work I loved for clients who treated me right. I’ll show you how I did it—and how you can too—in my online course and books.

“The Mighty Marketer is a mighty great tool
for kicking your freelance business into high gear!”
Brian Bass, Author, “The Accidental Medical Writer,”
and President, Bass Global, Inc.
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Mia DeFino Freelance Medical and Science Writer

Target and Reach Your Ideal Clients

It’s not as hard as you probably think it is to get clients who:

  • Pay you what you’re worth
  • Give you work you love
  • Hire you again and again
  • Refer you to other great clients.

I’ll show you what works best for freelancers—so you can create a stable, successful freelance business without wasting time, effort, or money.

Every freelancer can become a Mighty Marketer.

“Get practical marketing advice based on Lori’s deep experience and expertise—and a boost from her energy and encouragement as you become a Mighty Marketer.”
Lisa Chontros, Freelance Writer and Translator
“I learned how to make my freelance business a roaring success.”
Oki Dzivenu, DPhil, ELS, Exquisite Medical Scribe, LLC

Online Course

Learn the proven, step-by-step process that can help you start creating a successful freelance business in just 6 weeks. This online course guides you on what you need to know and do, and focuses on what works best for freelancers—so you won’t waste your time, effort, or money.


Get the high-paying clients you deserve. These concise, practical guides give you a proven, step-by-step process to follow so you can build a stable, high-income freelance business.

About Lori De Milto

I’m Lori De Milto, a freelancer writer, author, and entrepreneur. I’ve been helping clients engage, inform, and motivate their audiences since 1997. Now, I also help other freelancers get the clients they deserve and make more money through The Mighty Marketer.