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How Laughter Helps You Succeed in Freelancing

Laughter helps freelancers succeed

Every night before I go to sleep, I watch a sitcom. And when I read the Sunday paper, I turn to the comics first. Yes, sitcoms are silly and cartoons are really for kids. But they make me laugh. And laughter, it turns out,…

6 Things Amazon Does that Freelancers Should Do Too

best practices for freelancersIn about 60 seconds, I bought something on Amazon that I couldn’t find during a 3-hour trip to a mall. What I was looking for was basic—thermal underwear for my husband.

It was November in the Northeast, so department stores and sporting good stores should…

Build Your Freelance Business through Public Speaking

through public speaking, freelancers can build their businessesWhen I was growing up, I was so shy that I used to hide behind my mom when people came to see us—even people I knew well. The first time I gave a presentation, I held…