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How Professional Associations Make it Easy for Freelancers to Get High-Paying Clients

Professional associations make it easy for freelancers to get high-paying clientsDo you belong to professional associations? If you do, are you active in your professional associations? The answer to both of these questions should be Yes!—because professional associations make it easy…

Freelance Pie (Work): Is There Enough for All of Us?

get more freelance workIf you help other freelancers, will there be less freelance pie—clients and projects—for you? Some freelancers think so. Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, calls this the scarcity mentality (or mindset). “People with a scarcity mentality tend to see everything…

2 Words to Use to Get More Referrals for Freelance Work

say thank you to get more referrals for freelance workOne day as I was working in my home office, my doorbell rang. Waiting for me on the doorstep was the UPS guy, with a large package. I do order lots of…

6 Tips on How to Dress for Success in Freelancing

how to dress for success in freelancingTwo freelancers met at a coffee shop. The first freelancer was wearing a blazer, a nice shirt, and clean, well-fitting jeans. The other freelancer was wearing frayed sweatpants and a t-shirt and had her hair piled sloppily on…

9 Ways for Freelancers to Make Networking Stress-Free

Networking doesn't have to be stressful for freelancersIs leaving the safe cocoon of your office to go to a networking event stressful for you—or even scary? It is for many freelancers, because we’re introverts. Actually, many of us are ambiverts but don’t…

30 Seconds to Freelance Success or Failure

Networking in person is still the best way for freelancers to connect with people who can help and hire us. But for most of us, talking about who we are and what we do is scary. We’d rather be doing our work than talking about it.

Unfortunately, we do need to be…

How Playing Nice Helps Freelancers Succeed

Freelancers who give more and take less are more successfulRemember when your parents taught you to play nice with other kids? Your parents wanted you to learn to share things with other people, and to grow up to be a kind person.


3 Reasons You Should Give Away Clients

You’re probably reading this and thinking that I’m crazy. Giving away the clients you’ve put time and effort into finding just doesn’t make sense. But giving away clients—by referring them to your colleagues—is actually a great way to grow your freelance business.

What if the Client Stops Hiring Me?

Many freelancers are afraid…

6 Ways for Shy Freelancers to Network Effectively at Conferences

Networking at conferences is a great way to build your freelance businessWhen I was a kid, I was so shy that I used to hide behind my mom when people came to see us—even people I knew and liked….

3 Ways to Get Great Clients through Professional Associations

 Networking through professional associations is one of the best—and easiest—ways to get great freelance clients.  For 63% of freelancers, professional associations are key in getting new clients, according to How Freelancers Get the Clients they Deserve: Results of the 2016 Marketing Survey. Professional associations help freelancers: