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Follow up to get more clients

Is Freelance Success in Your Future?

fortune telling and freelance helpWouldn’t it be great if you could just gaze into a crystal ball and see the names of clients that need freelance help right now? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Just 3% of qualified prospects are actively searching for someone who provides your…

How to Be the First in Line for Freelance Work


follow up to get more clients Isn’t it discouraging when prospective clients don’t hire you or even respond to your marketing? The reason is usually simple.

Up to 90% of the time, prospects aren’t ready to hire a freelancer when you first contact them, say freelance…

Plant the Seeds of Your Success with Great Marketing

Marketing a freelance business is like planting seeds—it takes time for the results to appear. When you do great marketing, prospects will keep you in mind for future assignments.

Many freelancers get discouraged when marketing doesn’t immediately bring in new work. But few clients will contact you until they need freelance help….