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Freelance Success and Icebergs: What’s Below the Surface Matters the Most

Do you have the freelance success mindset?Sailing across the North Atlantic in May, when I did it, means dodging icebergs. The month the Titanic sank (April 1912), there were 395 icebergs in what’s known as Iceberg Alley.

Icebergs, which break off from glaciers or shelf ice…

Find the Freelance Clients You Deserve with Your 2018 Goal

A SMART goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound

Having a goal helps freelancer Ginny Vachon, PhD focus on what’s most important. “When you are building a business, there is a lot of information that comes at you,” says the freelance medical writer and…

Are You Tough Enough for Freelancing?


The superpower that helps freelancers succeed: gritYou’re talented. You’re smart. So why is it so hard for you to make a living as a freelancer?

To succeed in freelancing, you don’t need to be a genius like Ironman. You don’t need to have the endurance of…

Why You’re Probably a Better Marketer Than You Think You Are

Many freelancers think that they’re not good marketers because they’re introverts. But you may actually be an ambivert—and ambiverts make the best entrepreneurs. Great entrepreneurs do great marketing.

Ambiverts are part introvert and part extrovert. We’ve been around for a long time, but have only recently become widely recognized, thanks to research…

Why It’s Okay When Clients Don’t Like You


Some clients just aren’t going to like your work, no matter what you do. By choosing your ideal clients and targeting your marketing to them, you’ll avoid most bad clients and be more successful.

Some clients think I’m exactly what they need, while others don’t think I have what it takes to…