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LinkedIn for freelancers

How 2 Digital Immigrants are Getting Freelance Clients on LinkedIn

Digital immigrants and digital natives can get freelance clients on LinkedIn.

Freelance writer Eleanor Mayfield, ELS came of age in the pre-Internet era. So did I. But both of us are getting freelance clients on LinkedIn—and building our networks. We…

LinkedIn: 5 Changes that Freelancers Need to Know About

Freelancers need to know about the 5 changes to LinkedInNoticed anything different on LinkedIn lately? You may or may not have seen some of the changes LinkedIn has made. LinkedIn rolls out changes to some people first and gradually expands them to everyone…

5 Ways Freelancers are Getting High-Paying Freelance Clients through LinkedIn

LinkedIn for freelancers

About half of all freelancers (51%) find clients through LinkedIn, according to How Freelancers 
Market their Services: 2017 Survey. The #1 business social network often helps freelancers get steady, high-paying clients.

There are many ways for freelancers to use LinkedIn to find clients. Some are easy. Others…

4 Steps to Freelance Success on LinkedIn

Steps to freelance success using LinkedIn

Business owners and agencies are finding freelancer John Espirian on LinkedIn, and hiring him for high-paying freelance projects. “I’ve noticed that clients who come to me via LinkedIn are willing to pay more for my services than those who find…

LinkedIn ProFinder: The of Freelance Job Sites?

LinkedIn Profinder doesn't work for freelancers. Find out what to do is the #1 online dating site and a pioneer in the online dating industry. The site is based on how people “meet, court and develop relationships. ”…

How to Find Freelance Clients by Being Active and Alert on LinkedIn

How to find freelance clients by being active and alert on LinkedIn95% of freelancers who use social networks for business use LinkedIn, according to How Freelancers 
Market their Services: 2017 SurveySome of these freelancers have found interesting ways to…

How a Client-Focused LinkedIn Profile Helps You Find Freelance Clients

How a Client-Focused LinkedIn Profile Helps You Find Freelance Clients About half of all freelancers (51%) who use LinkedIn are getting clients through the #1 business social network, according to How Freelancers 
Market their Services: 2017 Survey.

If you’re part…

How to Solve the Mystery of LinkedIn and Impress and Engage Clients and Colleagues

You’re on LinkedIn, but you really don’t know what to do with it.

Sound familiar?

For many freelancers, LinkedIn is a mystery that you don’t have the time or desire to solve.

And now that LinkedIn’s made massive changes, this social network is more baffling than ever.

Solving the mystery of how to use LinkedIn…

LinkedIn: You Can’t Do That Anymore


Freelancers can use LinkedIn to get great clientsChecked your LinkedIn profile lately? It looks a lot different—and it may not be as effective in marketing your freelance business as it was before. And if you’re using LinkedIn to search for prospects, that’s changed…