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16 Trustworthy Sources of Advice for Freelancers

best advice for high-income freelancingAre you’re overwhelmed by all of the advice out there? Unsure about what works best for freelancers and what doesn’t apply to us? Tired of experts who make promises that seem too good to be true?

The good news is that there’s never been…

Social Selling: Does it Work for Freelancers?

Does social selling on LinkedIn work for freelancers?After hearing and reading about social selling on LinkedIn for years, and taking a webinar by Wall Street Journal best-selling author Josh Turner, I decided to give it a try. Turner is the author of Connect,…

6 Tips on Increasing Your Luck as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you can create your own luck.Lindy Alexander made more than $100,000 in her first 11 months of full-time freelancing. When she realized how well she was doing and how much she had learned, Lindy felt lucky. But Lindy’s luck didn’t…

11 Steps to Creating an E-Newsletter to Get Better Clients with Less Work

e-newsletterWant better clients without having to “sell yourself” or put in lots of time and effort? Create an e-newsletter. An e-newsletter helps you get top-of-mind awareness for your freelance business. And top-of-mind awareness means that clients and prospects will think of you first when they need a freelancer and colleagues will…

6 Strategies for Success for Freelance Writer Brandon May

Learn how Brandon May is succeeding in freelance writing

When Brandon May started his freelance writing business in 2015, he was like most freelancers and didn’t know much about marketing. “I was vaguely aware of how freelancers received business,” he says.

But instead of struggling…

Direct Email: The Awesome Way that 4 Freelancers Got 12 Clients

Direct email helps freelancers succeed

Do you use direct email? Many freelancers don’t know about this awesome way to get high-paying clients, or know about it but think it’s too pushy. But when done right, direct email helps you find and get high-paying clients.

Just ask freelancers Kathleen Labonge, Brandon May,…

Boot Your Confidence and Succeed in Freelancing Faster with Personal Coaching

Coaching helps freelancers succeed.I’ve got a confession to make: I never wanted to be a coach. When I started developing my online course, Finding the Freelance Clients You DeserveI planned to make it self-study.

You see, I didn’t think I could be nice enough to be a…

10 Things Every Freelance Website Needs to Attract High-Paying Clients

Your freelance website can help you attract high-paying clientsClients today expect freelancers to have websites. Done right—with content that’s compelling and a design that’s clean and clear—your freelance website will attract more high-paying clients.

Your website will also make getting high-paying clients easier, because it…

7 Secrets of High-Income Freelancers

Learn the secrets of high-income freelancersSuccessful freelancers and freelancers who struggle to make a living aren’t all that different. Once you know the secrets of high-income freelancers, you can do what we do—and become a high-income freelancer too.

7 Secrets for Faster, Easier Success in Freelancing


5 Ways Freelancers are Getting High-Paying Freelance Clients through LinkedIn

LinkedIn for freelancers

About half of all freelancers (51%) find clients through LinkedIn, according to How Freelancers 
Market their Services: 2017 Survey. The #1 business social network often helps freelancers get steady, high-paying clients.

There are many ways for freelancers to use LinkedIn to find clients. Some are easy. Others…