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6 Ways to Keep Freelance Success from Slipping through your Fingers

Keep freelance success from slipping through your fingers and create the future you want by focusing on your goals for your freelance business.

Every freelancer can build a stable, successful freelance business. That’s the good news. But you have to work for your success. That’s…

Want More Steady, High-Paying Clients? Find Some Freelance Friends

Making other freelancers your best friends instead of your competitors helps you get more referrals and succeed in freelancing.

Freelance writers Kristin Harper, PhD, MPH, ELS and Mia DeFino, MS, ELS met at the annual conference of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) in 2016. Kristin, owner of 

Goal Setting for Freelancers: How to Focus on What Matters Most in 2019

Setting a 2019 goal for your freelance business will help you focus on what matter most and create the future you want.

You probably know that you should have a 2019 goal for your freelance business. But there are so many other things that you need…

What Really Happens When Freelancers Follow Up with Clients

Win more clients with follow up.With just a few minutes of follow up per client, freelance writer and editor Joy Drohan got 6 new clients. Freelance writer Brandon May did the same thing—and got 3 new clients. Joy and Brandon have found a simple way to…

Why Clients Need Freelancers They Can Trust

It’s been 11 years since Keith D’Oria and I worked together. But when Keith was looking for freelance help for his new company, he contacted me—because he trusted me. “Having worked with Lori in the past with much success, I decided to ‘go back to the well’ and work with someone who…

How to Make More Money as a Freelancer Without Any Marketing

Get more freelance gigs and more referrals by doing more than expected on every freelance project.

Finding and attracting new clients—marketing—is hard for most freelancers. It’s a lot easier to get more freelance jobs from your current…

Win More Freelance Clients with a Remarkable Home Page

Win More Clients with a Remarkable Home Page Your home page can quickly convert prospects into clients—if you capture and keep their attention with a remarkable home page. But if your home page is ordinary or bad, you’ll never have a chance to…

Awesome Web Content to Attract Bigger, Better Freelance Jobs and Clients

awesome web content helps freelancers get clientsAwesome web content sets you apart from other freelancers and persuades high-paying clients to choose you. It helps you attract bigger, better freelance jobs and clients, and build a stable, successful freelance business.

Every freelancer can develop awesome web content….

How Professional Associations Make it Easy for Freelancers to Get High-Paying Clients

Professional associations make it easy for freelancers to get high-paying clientsDo you belong to professional associations? If you do, are you active in your professional associations? The answer to both of these questions should be Yes!—because professional associations make it easy…

Why You Need a Website Designer to Attract High-Paying Freelance Clients

a professional A professional website designer will help you attract high-paying freelance clientsHigh-paying clients who are looking for freelancers and colleagues who refer you to these clients only spend seconds on your website before deciding whether to consider you….