I’m Lori De Milto, a freelance writer who helps hospitals and other clients engage, inform, and motivate their audiences through targeted medical content. Mostly, I write patient stories, newsletters, magazines, web content, and more for patients and consumers. I also do some writing for professional audiences, like doctors and foundation staff.

How I Got the High-Income Clients I Deserved

Marketing has always been fun for me. But as I quickly built my business to six figures, I noticed that many freelancers didn’t know much about it and weren’t really comfortable doing it.

So I began teaching other freelancers how to market their businesses. At first, I gave presentations and wrote articles on marketing for freelancers. Then I wrote three books on marketing for freelancers, and developed my online course, Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve.

How You Can Too

I didn’t become a six-figure freelancer by being smarter than other freelancers—because I’m not.

I did it by I teaching myself how to find great clients, get them to hire me, and keep them coming back for more.

I became a Mighty Marketer. You can too.

Lori De Milto
Freelancer, Author, and Mighty Marketer