8 Secrets of High-Income Freelancers

High-income freelancers know the secrets to freelance marketing.High-income freelancers and freelancers who struggle to make a living aren’t all that different. But high-income freelancers have figured out the secrets to freelance marketing. We know how to get the high-paying clients we deserve instead of taking whatever work comes along.

And once you know our secrets, you can do what we do—and become a high-income freelancer too.

High-income freelancers aren’t hiding anything from you. In fact, you may already know some of our secrets.

These secrets are things that high-income freelancers know, and what we do with that knowledge, to attract high-paying freelance jobs and clients and build successful freelance businesses. Part of what we do is put in the work it takes to succeed.

Together, these 8 secrets are part of a proven process for becoming—and staying—a high-income freelancer. You can’t do one of them and expect to succeed. They work together to help you succeed faster and with less effort.

1. High-income freelancers have a moneymaking specialty(ies)

High-income freelancers specialize, because clients want to work with experts. And they’re willing to pay well for that expertise.

Moneymaking specialty(ies):

  • Are growing
  • Need your freelance services
  • Have professional associations that make it easy for you to find and reach prospects.

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2. High-income freelancers choose their ideal clients.

High-income freelancers don’t just hope that high-paying clients who treat us right will fall into our laps.

We go out and find our ideal clients, by developing prospect lists.

And the easiest way to develop a prospect list of high-paying clients is to use the member directories of your professional associations. You can also find prospects through:

  • Leading company lists
  • Online directories
  • LinkedIn

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3. High-income freelancers attract their ideal clients.

High-income freelancers develop marketing to attract those clients, including direct email.

Since direct email carefully targets the message to each client’s needs, it makes you irresistible to those clients.

Each direct email focuses on what you can do for the prospect and:

  • Shows that you understand the prospect’s needs
  • Uses language and values from the prospect’s website
  • Briefly highlights how your expertise and experience can help the prospect.

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4. High-income freelancers develop a client-focused LinkedIn profile.

High-income freelancers have LinkedIn profiles that have a compelling headline and summary.

When we focus on the needs of clients and how we meet those needs, we attract our ideal clients. And we use the keywords that will help clients find us, including “freelancer” or “freelance [YOUR FIELD HERE].”

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5. High-income freelancers develop a client-focused website.

High-income freelancers have clear and compelling web content focused on client needs and a clean, professional design. We follow best practices for freelancers’ websites, which are different than other small businesses.

Some of the standard advice about websites doesn’t work for freelancers. Other standard advice can actually drive away high-paying clients.

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6. High-income freelancers develop a strong and strategic network.

High-income freelancers know that networking is an easy way to get referrals to new clients (along with referrals from satisfied clients, which come from doing great work).

So we join and actively participate in professional associations, including by volunteering, because that’s the fastest and easiest way to meet people and build strong relationships. When we network, we focus on giving more than we take.

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7. High-income freelancers follow up.

High-income freelancers follow up with high-paying clients who express interest in our services but haven’t yet hired us, and with the clients we most want to work with.

Not following up is the #1 reason freelancers don’t get high-paying (or any) clients. Up to 90% of the time, prospects aren’t ready to hire a freelancer when you first contact them, and 80% of sales (in general, not specific to freelancing) are made after at least five marketing contacts.

So when we stay in touch with prospective clients regularly, high-income freelancers make sure that those clients think of us first when they’re ready to hire a freelancer. Follow-up isn’t about “selling yourself.” Most of the time, your follow-up should focus on giving people relevant information and resources.

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8. High-income freelancers do the work.

High-income freelancers do the work that’s necessary for success.

Wondering what happened to my promise that you can succeed in less time and with less effort?

You can! My proven process will help you save time and effort.

Once you’ve done the work, you’ll have marketing that will attract your ideal clients and you’ll know how to find and reach those ideal clients.

So you’ll be able to succeed in less time and with less effort—for the rest of your freelance career.

But you need to put in the work. You need to be determined to succeed and to push through the obstacles that all freelancers face. You need grit.

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